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We started with a few and we’re now up to sixteen. The scope of what they’re able to help us with has expanded from simple clinical tasks to more complex administrative tasks and even marketing and business development.

Matthew Lefferman, Founding Physician

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The role that they play in my care team is crucial. They do all the behind-the-scenes work, while I’m doing what I want to which is patient care. It really has streamlined my day and now that I understand what a VMA is I don’t know how we started without them.

Dr. Samir Mehrotra
Physician, Access Healthcare Associates

We’ve been able to grow different marketing initiatives anywhere from 30% to over 100%. It’s been pretty incredible, better than what I expected.

Lucy Encarnacion
Sales Manager, Arbor One Escrow

Our systems are better than they’ve ever been and we’re hiring all the right people.

Steven Amaya
Realtor, Founder of Amaya Group

With virtual assistance, we have the capacity and bandwidth to monitor more of our chronically ill patients. It’s amazing, with artificial intelligence and virtual assistance, we’re going to be able to deliver healthcare in a whole new model.

Johanna Camacho
Practice Manager, Access Healthcare Associates

Now that I have my virtual assistant, they’ve allowed me to spend more time, and focus 100% on my patients… I know my virtual assistant has been worth the investment…I would do it one thousand times over.

Dr. Sera Ramadan

We’ve gone from a 75% capture rate to 94-95% capture rate on our escrows—and that has happened in such a short amount of time.

Alex Ramirez
Sales Support Manager

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